One of the biggest threats to its survival today is counterfeiting. Following its respect for creativity and protection of intellectual property, VERTU has a zero tolerance policy towards counterfeiting. Preserving the creativity and rights of designers, artists, and brands is vital to our long-term survival..

Counterfeiting is the violation of the talent, the skills of the craftsmen and the creativity of the artists to whom VERTU owes its success. The robbery of intellectual property rights undermines the investment and knowledge made to develop the company. Counterfeiting further damages communities with uncontrolled and dangerous working conditions and abuse of human rights such as under-aged and forced labour. A high price sits behind the purchase of a cheap fake phone.


VERTU has faced counterfeiting since the earliest days of its success. As the premier global luxury phone brand, VERTU continues to be a target of counterfeiters around the world today.

The official website of VERTU ( has been used since 1998 and has not changed in 25 years. Please Do not trust any website that has a different domain name.

Below are fake agency social media accounts in Bulgaria:

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